What I Support

  • Proper maintenance of all City assets
  • Sound planning for Arvada's water needs
  • Wise resource stewardship
  • Sustainable development and economic growth
  • Traffic improvements
  • Preservation of Arvada's uniqueness
  • Civic pride and engagement
  • Transparency with citizens
  • Respectful dialogue among Arvada's stakeholders

What I Contributed

  • Prudent stewardship of tax dollars
  • Provided diverse viewpoint on City Council
  • Improved transparency between City Council and citizens
  • Improved citizen survey
  • Recommended methodology to improve citizen's understanding of City strategic planning
  • Protected livability of large apartment complex
  • Pomona Parcel Resolution R17-079 approved 8-7-17
  • The creation of a pedestrian crosswalk at Everett Way and 84th Avenue
  • Discovery Trail's vegetation thinned
  • Obtained new donors for the Arvada Center

What I Will Work On

  • Defining Arvada's branding
  • Increased transparency with citizens
  • Methodologies to improve citizen's understanding of City strategic planning
  • Protect home values through code enforcement and neighborhood engagement
  • Increase sustainable practices citywide
  • Refurbishment of Meyers Pool and District 1 recreation
  • Greater visibility and support for the Arvada Center